Texas BBQ is known for beef and we've mastered the art of the perfect brisket.  We prefer rubs that are savory and frequently cook over pecan, cherry, mesquite, or any combination of the three woods.


While we can cater to the preferences of any taste buds, we often cook our pork over pecan wood with a touch of mesquite, apple, or hickory.  The rubs we use tend to be higher in brown sugar for a sweeter taste with a killer bark.

The Big 4 of BBQ



While we can cook all cuts of chicken, it is the dark, moist meat of the chicken thigh that tends to get preference.  For competition, the process of preparing the skin is a long, tedious one.  Since it takes smoke so easily, milder woods like apple, pecan, and cherry are often used.  Rubs that are sweet and spicy do well for us.


Pitfaced BBQ

Give Your Butt the Rub it Deserves

Another BBQ staple is pork ribs.  Spare ribs that are trimmed in to a "St. Louis cut" are our favorites.  While we will experiment with various methods of seasoning ribs, our go-to is a rub that we make ourselves (and sell!).  Maple, apple, and pecan woods with a bit of mesquite excel with ribs.

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