Pitfaced BBQ

Our flat top smokers can still support a second cooking rack if desired.  This shows some of the customization options we have for our smokers.

Additional Smoker Pictures

Expanded view of a customer pit, complete with a domed lid and dual cooking racks.  This style smoker has a whopping 904 sq. inches of cooking space!

The travel version of our smokers is made from a half-barrel beer keg.  Despite its small size, it can run for up to 10 hours on a single load of fuel and has two 14" racks for cooking.  It can hold two 9-pound briskets!

We cook on a style of smoker known as the "Ugly Drum Smoker" or UDS.  The idea is to take a 55-gallon steel drum, drop a basket in the bottom for your wood/charcoal, then set the cooking rack high enough to allow for low and slow smoking.  The concept is not original, but we have made various important tweaks to areas like the intakes, exhaust, diffuser, and even the fire-basket, that we feel make a Pitfaced BBQ Drum Smoker one of the finest UDS style smokers out there and a smoker that can hang with cookers that cost 5 times as much.  Our smokers can cook for up to 18 hours without refueling and will hold steady temperatures for hours on end without the need for constant adjusting.  We have extended this concept to a travel size, made out of a discarded half-barrel beer keg.  That little guy is a tank and has a surprisingly large cooking surface (17% larger than a Large Big Green Egg!).

Having multiple smokers allows us to cook different meats at different temperatures and with different woods.

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