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5.  After the 2 hours of being covered is done, you can open the foil and place the cubes in to two empty foil pans, then return to the smoker for another 15 minutes.  This will restore a little of that bark.  Don't throw the juice away, though!  We don't put sauce on our pork belly burnt ends, but instead use the sauce that we made during the wrapping phase as a glaze.  You're now ready to serve!

Staying aggressively transparent, here is the recipe that took 1st place in the People's Choice at the 2019 Bedford Blues & BBQ Festival and is available to you!  The support of Pitfaced BBQ fans is appreciated more than you know.  Read below to learn how YOU can make pork belly burnt ends just like us!

4.  After 3 hours, place the little cubes in a foil pan.  On top of them, you will add a stick of butter, brown sugar, a good squeeze of honey, and some more Pitfaced BBQ Meat Massage.  Once you've done that, cover the pan with foil and seal the edges tightly, then return to the smoker.  They will cook like this for 2 more hours.

3.  Next, get them on your smoker, which should be running at about 250*.  We want this to go nice and slow so that the fat will render out.  We like using pecan wood with a little bit of mesquite, but use your favorite pork/wood combo!  They will cook open like this for 3 hours.

1.  Get a pork belly with the skin trimmed off.  There will be a big fat cap, but that's okay!  We're going to render it down and let it create an awesome flavor.

Pitfaced BBQ

2.  You will want to cut the belly in to 1.5" cubes.  This is easier if you put it in the freezer for about an hour prior to slicing.  Slice 1.5" wide sections going one way, then sliced 1.5" sections going the other.  Once done, rub them in Pitfaced BBQ Meat Massage.  Give them a nice coating!